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Hi everyone x
Quickly about this look, actually about these 2 looks (see in pictures).
It’s a day wear makeup with transformation to the more party/evening look.
I am a big lover of makeup (not only because it is my job), but I am definitely don’t spend
hours and hours on applications and I have a feeling that probably you don’t either.
Therefore I created my own style of makeup, “Ready-for-the-day”, when you need a quick but
effective and long-lasting look, wow 3 in 1! Yes, this is my goal, instead of creating the perfect
cover, contouring, drawing perfect lip lines, etc. This is my advice for you!

  • Choose the colours that suit/complement your complexion;
  • Take good care of your skin (water+food+sleep+stress control+GOOD QUALITY
  • Chose good quality, versatile, and easy to apply makeup products;
  • Own a few, but good quality makeup brushes;

Of course, there is no one rule on how your makeup should look. You may be a “red lips”
person or a “nude lips” person, that is your personal choice. The only difference is if you are
wearing red lips from the morning and you have plans for the evening then you will need to
refresh. There are a few main products that I suggest are a must for a ‘busy’ person.

MAC Versicolour Varnish Cream Lip

The texture of this product allows you to use it on your cheeks, so it’s 2 products in one, and
it doesn’t have glitter so it looks natural but gives you enough glow. Keep it in your pocket
instead of your red lipstick for quick re-touches.

Charlotte Tilbury Hyaluronic Acid-infused hydrating lipstick Balm.

With this lip balm, you will always look fresh, and glow, even if you forget your eye makeup,
or you don’t like to wear mascara. Give some attention to the lips, and it will suddenly
change your look (of-course it is not easy when we are wearing a mask’s but just keep it for
quick touch up’s).

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer 50ml

My all-time favourite! The most glowing and fresh-looking skin that’s what we want.
Wearing a strong, matt, too dark, or too light makeup foundation can give you the opposite
effect. In my view, the skin must still look like skin, with few moles and freckles, natural
redness on the cheeks. This product gives you a glow, corrects your skin imperfections, and
protects you from the UV.

But if you are looking for much more coverage and still lot of glow this product from Estee
Lauder perfectly suits you.

Estee Lauder Futurist Hydra Rescue. Moisturizing Makeup SPF 45

Flawless Makeup with serious skincare. Coverage + Care.

12 -hours radiant glow.
It covers imperfections and evens skin tone. Hydrates instantly. Protects with SPF 45 broad
spectrum UVA/UVB protection.
Soothing, pluming, hydration.

In my view, makeup must bring you confidence & comfort, but it shouldn’t take too much of
your time so most important to find what works the best for you, beautiful 😉

You are welcome to visit our studio and to try one of our services. We have created
perfectly adaptable makeup services for your busy day or party event.

Book your “Ready-for-the-day” or “Ready-for-the-party”