We are continually discussing with our clients in the salon how amazing these bangs look! Even our most classic, never-changing clients are now asking for “a little bit of movement”! Layered haircuts still rock and it seems like there are definitely here to stay for a while.

What is different this time?

As much as I love fashion and style, I do not like to push our ladies to follow “new trends”, but I do like to add a little spice to everyone’s look. So, let’s have a look at the latest fashion catwalks and social media feeds – I have chosen some of the most interesting and inspiring looks that I believe can be adapted to every one of our beautiful clients!

The Bob

The bob is still here, but always transforming. This time, it’s the chin-length bob with some texture that can be created using texturing volume spray. Why not try BALMAIN Volume Mousse?

Short “boyish” haircuts give more edge to your look and can be easily styled when your haircut follows your natural texture.

The Shag, Mullet, and Wolf Dream Team!

This combination of classic haircuts hugely influenced all hairdressers. To recreate your “after salon look”, you will need some styling products, such as BALMAIN Volume Mousse.

The 90s!

Remember when it was impossible to live without hairspray to hold that up that hair bun and curved fringe? I thought it would never return but guess what, it’s BACK, and it’s so COOL!!

The Wet Look

This is one of those classic styles that we find variations of in every fashion season. This time around, we are seeing everything from effortless wet waves to extremely tidy-looking hair up dos. Try the BALMAIN Shine Wax 100ml.

Bangs and Waves

These are you more effortless, “just got out of bed” looks. Everyone wants some version of bangs, and it’s the most effective way to change your hairstyle without huge effort. And hair grows back quickly so if there was ever a time in your life to try this look out, this is it!! Try BALMAIN Texturising Volume Spray 200ml.

With love, Indrè
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