Blow Dry Bar

Blowout Express (30 mins)

From £25
A quick blowout designed for you to look polished on-the-go.
£25 (short-to-medium length, no wash)
£28 (long and thick hair, no wash)

Blowout ….or a little more (45 mins)

From £32
A classic blowout with either an elegant straight or bouncy finish.
£32 (short-to-medium hair)
£37 (long and thick hair)

Blow-Up Do (55 mins)

From £50
Provides a glamorous up-do styling in addition to blow-drying
£50 (short-to-medium hair)
£65 (long and thick hair)

GLAM Blowout (60 mins)

From £48
A classic blowout with a hair treatment mask to provide a smooth, shiny, healthy finish
£48 (short-to-medium hair)
£55 (long thick hair)

Blowout + Daywear Makeup (70 mins)

A classic blowout combined with a custom, professional, ready-for-the-day makeup look

Blowout + Party Makeup (90 mins)

A classic blowout combined with a chic evening makeup look
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Haircut Bar

*Please note. Blow-dry service is not included with haircut prices unless specified.

Quick Trim - (40 min)

Your ends will be revitalized with a speedy trim.

Hair Cut (50 mins)

Classic hair cut to compliment existing hair cut, to refresh the old hair cut, to give a healthy and boost to your hair ends. *for special hair cuts please look for Re- style Hair cut.

Restyle - (80 min)

We will transform your current haircut to a new design of your choice.

Haircut + Blow Dry - (80 min)

This combines a basic haircut with a blow-dry service. A restyle haircut will be counted as a separate service.

ALL IN ONE Haircut + Blow Dry + Makeup “Ready for the day” (1h. 25min)

This combines a basic haircut, blow dry service, and a customised, classic and professional ready-for-the-day makeup look.

The Modern Trendsetter Photoshoot (30 min)

As an additional service, this can only be booked in combination with a new haircut or style. This photoshoot will provide you with a handful of Instagram-quality photos at the end of the service.
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Hair Colour

*Please note. Blow-dry service is not included with haircut prices unless specified.

Regrow - (55 min)

We will touch up the new roots emerging from your coloured hair.

Regrow Express - (30 min)

We will touch up the new roots emerging from your coloured hair.

Consultation (20min)

Prior to your first colour session, we will ask you to book an individual consultation. We will provide you with profesional, personalised advice based on your lifestyle, personality, and facial features, to ensure that colour treatment will suit you best. During this session we will do a patch test which is required at least 48 hours before your colour appointment.

Full colour (80 min)

From roots-to-ends, we will provide you with your requested colour.

Full Head Highlights (2h. 15mins)

Your hair will be infused with depth and dimension through high-quality highlights. Please note that toning and blowdry is not included in the prices below.
Toning (£15) and an Olaplex treatment (£15) are recommended.

Half Head Highlights (1h. 20mins)


Trendy Combos

"money piece”, face framing, baby lights, freehand touch-ups etc.)

Toning (25mins)

As an additional service, toning cannot be booked separately from a full colour treatment. Whether your hair is sufficiently lightened or natural, we will apply a toner which will neutralise unwanted yellow or to get that perfect platinum blonde look.

Colour Refresh - (50 min)

We will refresh dulling or fading hair colour using toners for neutralisation, cooling blondes or glowing blondes, brighter brondes, and root smudge techniques

Creative Colour Techniques - (time may vary)

With personalised attention to your style, face shape, skin tone, and eye colour, we will customise your hair colour to enhance your best features. For example, we might incorporate lighter tones to elongate the face or darker tones to narrow it. This service may take 3-5 hours, and includes toning, blowdry, and setting of hair as necessary to achieve the best results. We will ask you to book a consultation in order to see and “feel” your hair condition. Our techniques include Balayage, AirTouch, Bronde, Total Blonde or other trendy and stylish looks, which are personally recommended for you by our professional team.
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Hair Treatments

Hair SPA treatment - (40 min)

Exclusive to our studio, this hair treatment uses state-of-the-art steaming technology. With deep penetration into your hair strands, this service enhances hair moisture, giving you a smooth, healthy, and shiny look.

OLAPLEX treatment - (30min)

From £35
The classic treatment to strengthen, repair, and protect hair.
£35 (on its own)
£20 ( in combination with hair colour services)

INOAR BotoHAIR treatment – (1h.30min. to 3 h.)

This unique formula smoothes hair by acting as a filler and forming a protective layer around the cortex of the hair shaft. This innovative formula comprises proteins and various glossing agents that provide a luminous shine with a luxurious, silky feel. BotoHair has a phenomenal ability to reduce up to 95% of frizz and makes curly hair easier to manage by improving its texture, even after a single use. On average, the BotoHair frizz-free effect lasts two months.
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Makeup Bar & Skin Care

Ready-for-the-Day Makeup - (30 min)

You will be provided with a custom, classic, professional, daywear makeup look.

Ready-for-the-Party Makeup - (60min)

You will receive a personalised, chic evening makeup look.

Full set of eyelashes

We provide top-quality lash services to compliment your eyes.

Hyaluronic Youth Mask FILMED - (30 min)

Using the power of a concentrated serum, this second skin effect mask will help you look younger in only 15 minutes. Wrinkles will be visibly smoother, and your skin will feel rejuvenated. This product is also available to purchase in our online shop. We recommend booking this service with one of our exclusive hair treatments.

SKIN PERFUSION eye recovery mask - (20 min)

Using cutting-edge hydrogel technology, this mask unleashes a powerful cocktail of active ingredients which target puffiness and under-eye bags. WIth an instant and long-lasting lifting effect, wrinkles are reduced and your skin will feel cooled and refreshed. This product is also available to purchase in our online shop. We recommend booking this service with one of our exclusive hair treatments.
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Just me & You / Make Up & Hair

2 h and 30min

If you are planning just little celebration, little but very special. You do not have plenty of time planning your wedding day, but still you want to look your best for your loved one. We will plan our online consultation, to know your style & expectations, you don't need to travel to studio and plan the trial. Only to make a booking for your bridal hair & make up.

What is included:
Bridal make up ( matching eye lashes), hair style (hair accessories not included).

My Big Day! Make Up & Hair

6 hours

Full services for your wedding day! Check what is included:
Bridal makeup & hair trial, make up & hair on the wedding day, 4 + makeup & hair (Mothers, bridesmaids, guest), 2 flower girls (curls and light make up)

Classic Bridal / Hair & Make Up / Trial & extra...

2h and 50mins

We will help you to look your best on your special day! We will book you inn for your trial and will discuss all details and will advice what best suits you.

What is included:
Bridal makeup & hair trial, Bridal makeup & hair on the wedding day, "must have bag" (travel size makeup and hair products)
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*Please Note:

  • All bookings and cancellations must be done 24 hours in advance. Deposits will not be refunded for appointments.
  • If it is your first time booking a hair colour session with us, we will ask you to book a consultation first.
    This consultation is necessary in order to do a patch test at least 48 hours before your colour appointment.
  • We collect personal details such as your name and phone number only for our records and it will not be used for any purpose outside of your appointments. We do use social media channels for marketing and advertising, so please let us know if you do not want your photograph taken or posted on social media. FAQ page

Exclusive Offers

EMS Sessions


EMS sessions – (20 min.) £49.95 in collaboration with FREQUENCY
we invite you to try new and innovative way of training!

Note* if it’s your first time to try EMS training, we will ask you to fill up the
health assessment form and give us 24h to approve your booking.

Premier Cards & Memberships

Premier cards are valid for one year from purchase and can be used by one person. Must be 18 years old.

Memberships are valid for one month and can be used by up to two people, allowing you to share your membership with one person of your choice. Must be 18 years old.