‘Last Flight’ – Painting


By Kristina Soblinskyte, Lithuania

Mixed Media Canvas (50×70 cm)

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About the Artist…

My name is Kristina.

Art appeared in my life since early childhood. When I doodled with a pencil all over the walls of my home, I understood that it is much more than just a bunch of funny drawings. At that moment, a door into something new just popped open. Behind that door I found a hidden world of creativity. Painting helps me express the experience of being in that world.

I push myself hard to expand my abilities because creativity is a gift that must be shared. Though perfection is still miles away but step by step I approach it every day. I pay special attention to my paintings and don’t stop until my artpiece comes to life. This is the main principle of my creation process.

I think that art is the only thing that can bring joy to people’s lives and give a bit of hope in our world of dullness. Sometimes I have a feeling that it is the only thing that holds this chaotic world in a single piece.

Kristina Šoblinskytė


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